Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, with a network of contributors, correspondents and suppliers around the world.

We focus on market research, branding, product positioning & promotion.

We work with investors and companies, to develop new products and empower the existing ones on the international markets.

What we do

Research Research

Market research: providing you with a detailed summary of existing products, customer preferences, developing suggestions of a market segment to target.

Research of Suppliers: handpicking your partners and ensuring the best deal to reach your business objectives

Business Model Business Model
Business Model

We help your company to develop a business plan for new or redefined products.

Brand Identity Brand Identity
Brand Identity

We create and redefine your product’s character. We provide suggestions for packaging design, make web pages, positioning on the market, exploring channels to reach the targeted consumer base.

Our Clients


who wish to develop and launch a product internationally.


who wish to have the latest information about the market and want to reposition their existing product.


who want to develop a new business model, find reliable business partners, as well as have the right channels to reach the market.

At your service

Roberto Costa – Creative Guru

  • A world traveller, Roberto shares his time between Lausanne, Milan, Hong Kong and New York – where his clients are. His clients include: Lycra® Asia-Pacific, Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry, Lenovo, Parson GE (Blue Focus), The City of Xi’An, Crocs Asia, to name a few.
  • He is a former VP for Marketing International of Swatch Group, where he worked for more than a decade in various posi2ons in Milan, New York and at the Swiss headquarters in Biel.
  • Roberto holds a BA degree with honors in communication design from the Art Center College of Design, La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland / Pasadena, USA – 1988-1993.

Maria Elisabeth Pruss – Director

  • Born in a family of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, having an inquisitive mind and adventurous spirit, Maria has started her professional life early on. Graduating with highest honors from one of the world’s most prestigious Swiss private institutes, she went to study Marketing, Communications and Economics at the Haute Etudes Commerciales of the University of Lausanne. Her primary professional focus had been developing business models and product positioning for a large spectrum of industries in Switzerland and internationally : Food, Clothing, Medical & Cosmetics.
  • She is passionate about creative ideas, market trends and customer needs.

Industries we work with

Chocolate: brand positioning and business model development for a new product. Web design, negotiations with manufacturers, brand identity.

Medicine & New technologies: nutrition supplements market research and negotiations with European manufacturers for future collaborations. Development of a new business branch for multi-jurisdictional private medical business.

Cosmetics: research of the international market, negotiations with one of the largest cosmetics manufactures in Switzerland (Cosmotec), brand identity brainstorming.

Alcohol: brand promotion event in Milano, Italy.

Clothing: market research and collection of creative idea interpretations for a product differentiation.

Our projects


Why choose us?

  • We are young, experienced, creative and hungry for work.
  • Our team includes the best graphic designers, market researchers, copywriters, IT engineers based in Switzerland, Italy, and Asia.
  • We provide our clients with access to the wealth of experience and culture diversity across countries and continents at a reasonable price.

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